Paris: a walk around Rue Saint Honoré

Paris. When we go, it's usually for one or two days. Must sees like Eiffel Tower, the Sacre Coeur and the Louvre are things you see and go to the first time. Seeing that we visit Paris regularly, we usually have a specific reason. Mostly eating haha. Occasionally an exposition of certain store(s). And no matter what you plan, you will have a guaranteed distraction once you are there.

This time our reason to visit oh la la Paris was a combination of factors. A quick getaway and some quality time. Lunch at Arpège > a bucket list thing. And because we went early January: a hunt for galettes des rois. And macarons. But that's a given, haha. A day in Paris usually looks like this: croissant/coffee on the go and then walk towards whatever it is we came for. With room to get distracted by what the city has to offer until dinner. Snack and drinks all on the go at places that look cool.

Coffee at Café Kitsuné

A trip to Paris to us isn't complete without going to the city's hippest store Colette. We were early on the rise this day. So first things first: coffee. Fashion house Maison Kitsuné opened a cafe in the garden of le Palais Royal in 2014. It's hidden in the galleries around the garden. Café Kitsuné has, as is expected from a maison, a stylish yet simple setting. It's literally a bar where you go grab a coffee and be on your way. From there it's a nice walk from Café Kitsune towards Rue Saint Honoré. Nice detail, they also serve fox shaped cookies (kitsune = fox in Japanese).

Café Kitsuné

51 Galerie de Montpensier, Paris


Distracted and seduced at Guerlain

After Colette we decided to walk some more a long Rue Saint Honoré towards LaFayette's food department. Starting the hunt for macarons and galettes on the way. But, there's always a but... But I got m-a-j-o-r-l-y distracted by the window and fragrances coming out the shop. I also have a soft spot for glass and light. So (see picture) it was very hard for me to keep my eyes of well pretty much anything. The staff also was as friendly as the shop is beautiful and as helpful as the perfumes smell irresistible. So unlike the shop on Champs-Élysées. Quiet, laid back and personal advise. I left the store with a bottle of fragrance, haha.

Guerlain Saint Honoré

392 Rue Saint Honoré,


Foodshopping: macarons & galettes des rois

Visiting Paris = getting macarons. Otherwise I can't say I went. Going in January? That means an extra must eat: galettes des rois. A pastry only available end of December to the start of Mardi Gras. The galettes des rois (kings cake) is traditionally eaten with family of friends on January 6th. On Three King's Day. Inside there's a hidden bean of treasure. Whoever has it in his/her piece, is king. I've been told that is also means that you're supposed to buy the next galette. De cake is traditionally made with puff pastry and almond filling. Patissiers will come up with creative variation each year. So it's worth a trip to Paris every January I reckon.

Pierre Hermé
From our brief distraction at Guerlain we slowly but surely made our way to LaFayette's food department. Tasting macarons and galettes at different bakers and pastries a long the way. All to decides which we would buy later before our way home. I have a m-u-s-t tell foy you: Pierre Hermé!!! Once you've tasted something from him... All other macarons or pastry you've ever eaten in your life will have no meaning anymore. I had already read about him being declared the best pastry chef in the world in 2016.

Naturally, we had to make a stop and taste when we passed one of his stores. We had three seasonal macarons: one with white chocolate/hazelnuts/white truffel. A 'Jardin de Siam' with ginger and banana. And a 'Jardin de Lima' with lúcuma and candied ginger. OMG! It was none other then perfection. The taste was so refined. No regrets. N-e-v-er. Only that I hadn't been here before. You understand, the hunt was over. Though it was also our second to last stop so we had had our fill anyway, haha. My absolute faves from the 'normal' assortment: infinement rose, huile d'olive à la mandarine en métissé.

Pierre Hermé

4 Rue Cambon, Parijs



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The travel season

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