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Arpège, lunch of a lifetime in Paris

Ever since I saw Arpège by Alain Passard in Chef's Table on Netflix it was on my bucket list. Being able to get a reservation spontaneously was sheer luck.

Chef Alain Passard and his Arpège has maintained a 3 star Michelin status since 1996. Somewhere around 2001 he decided to cut out meat from his menu and cook from his own gardens. Quite a risk since veggies weren't really hot and happening back then. But, kept the stars nonetheless. In Netflix series Chef Table there's an episode about Alain Passard and his by him beloved gardens. From those garden the restaurant gets supplied daily with fresh produce, just in time for lunch' mise en place. Working without written recipes an just literally with whatever comes in. So you never eat the same thing twice. That is something you must see, eat and taste for yourself right?

When the BF and I decided to go to Paris this January, we didn't actually plan the Arpège lunch. We were there for a macarons and galettes des rois hunt. And for some quality time. When we arrived in the city early morning and started discussing our plans, Arpège just came up in the conversation. We both thought, what if they had a spot. You never know unless you give them a call. Right? Let's just see what happens. And so it happened.

When we arrived we had a warm welcome. A good feel that complements the light, homely yet stylish atmosphere in the restaurant. When we took our seats we were handed the menu's. But we already knew what we wanted: the lunch tasting menu. 'Bien sûr, tasting menu it is' says our waiter.


The amuses came out quickly. Three little pastries each with a different filling. One with celeriac, one with carrot and sage and one with beet cream. These alone were totally worth the trip. Even the bread and salted butter were almost too good to be true. I thought I almost couldn't deal. And that actually became reality, because there was an incredible amount of food waiting for us. Too much to discuss it all (see below). Also, it was so good, I forgot to take pictures. You just loose yourself in te experience. Highlight for me were the soups. They literally touched me somewhere deep inside. I had tears of joy welling up in my eyes. The onion gratin and tagliatelle were also a-ma-zing. Lunch was so good we didn't need anymore food rest of the day.

Full menu

  • Three ravioli in carrot, onion, mint consommé
  • Egg, smoked cream and 4 herbs
  • Hummus of celery and Parmesan
  • with beetpesto, walnut oil and sesame
  • Carrot soup, sage, leek and hay cream
  • Beet topped sushi, horseradish and black olive tapenade
  • Tagliatelle from celeriac with a Parmesan foam, sage and sherry
  • Scallops and smoked potato yellow curry wine sauce
  • Sweet onion gratin with Parmesan and yuzu cream
  • Stuffed cabbage
  • Beet tartare with horseradish cream en oil of black olives
  • Leek with olive oil and liquorice
  • Fowl
  • Assortment of sweets
  • Profiterole with walnut cream
  • Artichoke vanilla macaron covered with chocolate


Eating at Arpège is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope to have such a beautiful experience again someday.


84 Rue de Varenne, Paris


arpege ravioli carrot soup


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