My 3 faves combined in 1.

When I’m not eating I usually think about food or something to do with food. What recipe should I test next, which cookbook would I like to add to the collection, which restaurant to try out… I can really enjoy photography and creative ideas of fellow bloggers. It just so inspiring.

I can also enjoy a nice bouquet of flowers en handcrafted dyi project stuff. I can spend days on the internet browsing looking for inspo. On Instagram or Pinterest for example. It usually has something to do with food, flowers or summer. In that order.

And so on a rainy day – we’ve had plenty in AMS lately- I was browsing Instagram in search of a little summer vibes. And what did I find? My above mentioned faves: food, flowers and summer combined in one picture perfect image. Meet: #flowercone.


Just everything about it is perfect. Cone (=food a-n-d summer), flowers, pastel. What more could you ask for? I just had to share. Love it!

Many thanks to: @runnerkimhall


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