Here you can find all Eve Season featured recipes. The seasonal recipes are divided in, you guessed it, the seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. But you'll also find a 'year round' category. Because let's face it, some things you should be able to crave prepare all the time :) Also, you might find some recipes twice in different seasons because they are available in overlapping months.

Seasonal recipes

If you ask me what my favourite season is, I honestly couldn't tell you. All seasons have their own thing about them that makes me love it. Returning green and blossoms in spring, the heat and long evenings in summer. Reminiscing said summer and enjoying the changing colours in autumn en getting together with family during de winter holidays. Love it. And there's something tasty to complement every season.



Move over crockpots and one pot dishes. Hello quiche, baby potatoes and turnip tops. Ok :) maybe there is room for a one pot dish. See spring recipes here.



While the world gets chillier we try to warm up a little with autumn dishes. Think soups, stews and all sorts of mash. See fall recipes here.



To me summer dishes are fresh, fruity and light. So maybe a salad, maybe a smoothie. Oh, and BBQ, duh. See summer recipes here.


Simple french onion soup recipe with dutch grilled cheese


More stew, mash and soups. En oven dishes. And of course Christmas and NYE. Dishes and bites for the holidays and to get you through the cold of winter. See winter recipes here.

Year round

Some dishes and recipes can be made year round and are not really bound to the seasons. Example: cakes. Pie. Pizza. Sandwiches, you name it. See here for year round recipes. Even if I have posted this in a particular season :P