Cakes on Instagram

You know what I can’t get enough of? The cake galore on Instagram.Despite me not having a sweet tooth, I do appreciate a pretty looking cake. The patience and craftmanship is admirable to say the least.

Besides not having a sweet tooth, I’m also not really a good at baking lol. I think crumbles and cake are the my top when it comes to baking.

That why I can browse cakes on IG for hours. Like said above, it’s appreciating an artform. Here are some of my faves:

This awesome unicorn cake by @kekandco

Cake by kekandco

I just have a soft spot for flamingo’s and this one from @cake_ink is so cool! And how cute are those watermelon candles?


This dreamy flower, fruit and macaron topped cake by @nat.letr

Cake by nat.letr

This tribute to @blondebakingmama‘s home town.

cake by bakingmama

And last but definitely not least, this candy galore by @sprinklemebakery

cake by sprinklemebakery

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