brunch ate the corner bakery in Amsterdam

Brunch at The Corner Bakery Amsterdam

We first met in high school. Weren't that close immediately, but grew on each other in the years of studying after. Now, 15 years later we've pulled each other out of our darkest places, felt proud witnessing our milestones and seen people come and go in our lifes. But her and me, we're still here.

My friend K and I, we have our own traditions and memories, obviously. From dancing and drinking the night away, from dinners and exchanging pandan cakes. And hotspots. So that's how we ended up at The Corner Bakery in Amsterdam, after not seeing each other in a while.

It had been something she wanted to try out for a while, seeing that she often sent me pictures of the place she came across on the internet, lol. But I have to admit, the images she sent were mouthwatering good. We agreed to meet at my place and then hop on the tram from there.

When we came in Corner Bakery was absolutely packed. Which is a good sign I reckon. Fortunately they had a table available real quick and we were able to take seat between fluffy pillows. Along with a nice coffee came the menu which immediately stressed us out because we literally want to order e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Do we go with the brioche french toast? A pancake stack? Sandwiches look good too. Oh dear, there's also bowls and milkshakes. OMG. My eye was set on the mango bowl. K would like the açai bowl. But we also wanted a sandwich. We decide to each have our bowl and then share the sandwich. When everything was brought to the table, we decided we should also have a milkshake and promptly ordered those too.




After that we actually took notice of the size of our food. Huge. People at the next table looked at us and asked how on earth we were going to finish all that food. 'Sir, don't underestimate me' was my initial thought, we both answered: 'We also ordered a milkshake'. We all laughed out loud and K and I minded our bowls. My mango bowl topped with homemade granola and fresh fruits was good, a little too banana-ish for me, but hey it's good for you so I ate it ayway. The milkshakes were served before me starting the (very) nice chicken sandwich with a well sauce-meat-veggie-bread-balance.

Now that al that food has become #yummyinourtummies we are balancing the edge of a food coma. K suggests we should take a stroll. Good idea. We took a little walk to the Albert Cuyp market, only 5 minutes away before hopping back in to the tram. This lunch was definitely a classic 'eyes-bigger-than-our-stomach-moment' I'm sure we can laugh and reminisce about later.

Corner Bakery

Johannes Vermeerstraat 40, Amsterdam


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