Fish in my tea

W-a-n-t. That’s my conclusion after an internet session of tea browsing.

Earlier this week I left the office during the day. Sick. Ugh. When I’m sick, my entire existence consists of sleeping, eating soup and drinking tea. Lots of tea. And so was this time. But after tea-cup-number-I-lost-count I noticed something about the tea infuser. Why is it so boring? So round and ordinary. It just suddenly bothered me. Something needs to be done about it. And it has to happen n-o-w.

So tea-cup-number-I-lost-count and I together with a blanket + laptop sat on the couch (I was so over sleeping at that point). Browsing for some tea inspiration by looking for cool tea infusers. My, there’s so much on point tea infuser. I see robots, octopuses, monkeys, Lochness monsters… Maybe I’ll make a cute list of it. Later. Because what really caught my eye were these goldfish shaped teabags.


In my first ever post I mentioned I kind of have a soft spot for goldfish. I actually have one swimming around at home. A telescope goldfish, with huge eyes, black en mostly fins. Its an adorable little creature I tell you. I starting to lose focus here.

So, a soft spot. As I am writing this I realize these little cuties have been swimming around on the web for 2-3 years. How come I discovered these just now? Don’t know, but it also doesn’t really matter. What matters to me is, how to get these? Charm Villa’s teabags come from Taiwan.

And even though I know how to introduce myself, bargain and order a beer in Chinese, deciphering a whole website in characters is a whole other story.

But I like ‘em. And I want them. I will have them. Someday. Until then, I’ll just have to cope with that boring little tea egg. To be continued.

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