Grapefruit cravings

Sometimes you can just have an unexplainable desire for a certain taste.  It’s not a desire of something you just fancy or feel like eating, no, it’s a craving. And every once in a while I have this with grapefruits. And I never realize it until I see one.

While ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) was keeping the city hostage and literally kept going 24/7, I myself was actually pulling an all nighter at a party in Utrecht. Friends of mine organised their own dance event (Utrecht style) and had asked me to come help them.

Pulling all nighters isn’t what it once was for me, but that’s a whole other story. By the time we were done I took a look at my watch. Saturday, 7 am. Nice. I’ve officially been awake for 24 hours. Shortly after this conclusion I decided to take the early train back to Amsterdam in stead of staying over at my friends. I had forgotten my exhaustion and reckoned that staying over might mean me waking up on Monday (lol) and not make in time to my office.

So in to the train I went when I suddenly realised I was hungry AF and had a craving. Craving what? I had no idea. It had to be reviving, refreshing, energizing. And somehow I wanted it to be juicy too. You know what, since you’ve been pulling an all nighter anyway, why not add a quick visit to the supermarket? Might as well.

Zombie-ing in to the store I heard this tiny tempting voice: “Psssst. Hey, you. I’m here. I know you want it”. I looked to the right. There he was. Mr. Grapefruit. With his perfect skin, citrussy smell and just the right size. Everything about it was everything I was craving for, I then realised. “Come here you sexy grapefruit you. ” So I took him home. Actually I took 2 home :)

Once home I immediately ate one, had a good long nap and then had the other in a lovely reviving salad with grilled piece of chicken breast.

Grapefruit salad (for one this time):

  • 1 grapefruit, sliced
  • 1/3 cucumber, sliced
  • handfull of rocket
  • hazelnuts
  • drizzle of olive oil and vinegar
  1. Mix it al together and if you like, add some black pepper

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