locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50 amuse

Locavore: Indonesia’s best restaurant

Locavore - The best restaurant of Indonesia...

and anno 2017 number 22 in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. 

Before going to Bali, I read about the restaurant in the Dutch Elle (food) magazine. We had just booked our trip. Bingo! When we are on Bali, we are going to Locavore, I promised myself.

After a few days Seminyak, Ubud is a true oasis. Less chaos, more quiet en more green. Somehow a far more authentic feel (though it's definitely not less touristy, lol) and a super laidback atmosphere. 

The relaxed vibes of Ubud can be felt inside Locavore. The restaurant has a local organic-meets-artdeco-meets-asian design decor. Beautiful. Speaking of local, as the name suggests, Locavore is all about the local cuisine, using locally grown produce. Also, chefs Eelke and Ray, get inspired by the Indonesian environment. 


locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50


This reflects in the menu in two versions: the Locavore menu, with meat and fish vlees and the Herbivore menu, vegetarian. I always find vegetarian a bit more interesting, so I went for the Herbivore menu. The BF too btw. Before the first course we get a series of very tasty appetizers/ amuses. A tempura leaf (forgot the name), a s-u-p-e-r tasty tomato sorbet when served at table poured over with a tomatensaus broth. And a stack of flatbreads. Dips? Cold pressed coconut oil, sambal oelek and crunch. Love, love, love!


amuse locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50

flatbread locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50


The menu:

  • The leaves nobody knows
  • Heart of palm
  • Umami
  • Nangka
  • Selat Solo
  • Tempe
  • Sago & fruit (plus an extra load of assorted sweets)


leaves nobody knows locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50

palmheart locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50

tempe locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50


The whole menu was out of this world. Choosing a fave is impossible. What stood out? For me: 'The leaves nobody knows'. The name alone has someting mysterious. It was a small salad made from leafs of plants growing around the sawa's (rice field paddies). It had ferntops in it too, something that's been high on my 'have to taste someday'-list. Other stand out dish: Locavore's homemade tempe. AMAZING. Whole other level than what's available here ate home. A true eye opener. I might consider making it myself some time too. Another tasty fave was the palm heart. Last but def not least, dessert.... Sago and fruit, vibrant droplets to be eaten in a specific order. Each bite a stood on itself, yet all together a complete dish.


sago fruit locavore restaurant ubud bali asia best 50


If it were up to me we would have eaten here several times. Our travelling schedule didn't allow it however. However... they are joining forces with Rijks restaurant in Amsterdam. You can book a table for lunch or dinner 21, 22 or 23 April. Good news, right?


10 Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali
Interior image: locavore.co.id

Locavore To Go

P.S. There's also a Locavore To Go, some 100 metres from the restaurant. Here they serve breakfast, lunch and snacks all sorts of deli products and unusual sandwiches. We've had a lovely time here with their Tripple fried potatoes with homemade mayo and, a few drinks later, pommes dauphine and curry mayo.



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