New King: a fave spot in Amsterdam’s Chinatown

New King. For as long as I can remember this is the place I go to for Chinese food. In Amsterdam's Chinatown shops and eateries come and go. New King however has been here forever.
Eating at New King equals ordering wonton soup. With noodles. At least as far as I know that how to start a meal here. Besides the soup I have a slight obsession for they duck pancakes, egg fried rice, beef black beans and porkbelly roast. This was what we always ordered when went for dinner here with family.

The other day after a shopping spree at Patta (another fave spot in Chinatown) my boyfriend, his bro and I ended up at New King. As I am used to ordering the above mentioned dishes, they are used to ordering sweet and sour or salt/pepper chicken. So that's just goes to show that everyone has other traditions and memories at certain restaurants. We agreed to combine our favorites to the porkbelly roast, salt 'n pepper chicken and egg fried rice. Glorious as ever and very much needed since we had been a bit too long in the cold that day. In such a case, grabbing a bite at New King almost feels like coming home.

Next time I'll have the soup too ;)

New King Mandarin Cuisine

Zeedijk 115-117

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