Every now and then I get this notion I should eat healthier. Have had for years. And (also for years) this notion doesn’t usually last. Hence the word ‘notion’ because it never seems to develop in to a pattern.

These notions end up in day long Pinterest sessions full of inspiration and a mainly green feed. Lots of green. Salads, fruits, greens, juices, lunch, breakfast, snacks, dinner… Just as long as it is green.

Don’t misread me here, I eat lots of greens and fruit daily, love it. But sometimes I just have an extra need for nutrition.

The board on my Pinterest is severely neglected now. But after all the greenseeing (ha!) I have managed to implement one thing in my life: (green) smoothies.
Replenishing, reviving and all the boost a I want in my nutri-need.

This smoothie I made with:

  • 1 green apple
  • quarter of cucumber
  • 1 kiwi
  • a handful of lettuce
  • coconut water (no sugar)
  1. Peel the kiwi and cut in pieces together with the apple and cucumber.
  2. Put them in a blender and pour the coconut water until the fruit is submerged.
  3. Add lettuce and blend away.

P.s. an avocado in there is also nice :)

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