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Taka Japanese Kitchen: ramen in Amsterdam’s Chinatown

TAKA JAPANESE KITCHEN - Growing up we used to go out to eat in Amsterdam's Chinatown almost every week. Now that I am sort of grown up, I still go to Chinatown regularly. Not weekly though. I wish. I do have a few fixed favorites:

  • Oriental (for Asian groceries)
  • YoYo
  • New King
  • and... Taka

Taka is 'hidden' on the second floor of Toko Dun Yong. Just hop in to the store and take the stairs. You might think that you're in a spot you're not allowed to be at. Don't worry, just continue to the second floor. Once up, you'll be most kindly met by Taka. Hospitable to the point you begin to wander if you're actually in Amsterdam, since I find a a real rarity in the city. This, together with the cute lanterns and the best ever aromas from the kitchen make you feel like you've landed in a Japanese mini paradise. Only the view on the canal gives away the realization being in Amsterdam.

Taka serves okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), ramen (Japanese noodle soup) and gyoza. And trust me there's no need to other things. All attention that goed into these dishes does not need to be dividing more menu options. Taka's devotion to preparing his food can be tasted straight through your soul.

I always order the (spicy) tonkotsu ramen. And time and time again I find myself almost in trance by the richness of alle the layered flavors. From the rich broth to the noodle and other ingredients that come together as a whole. Literally a heartwarming bowl of happiness. Don't know how he does it. I just hope that he will n-e-v-e-r leave this city.

Taka Japanese Kitchen

on the 2nd floor Toko Dun Long
Stormsteeg 9, Amsterdam
Taka's Facebook page


taka ramen japanse noodles amsterdam


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