My season of nostalgia

A SEASON OF NOSTALGIA - Come end of December I usually find myself reflecting, reminiscing and feeling nostalgic. Especially around Christmas. It's just the feeling of being surrounded by family and just 'be'. They are the people you've known all your life and continue to know for the rest of it. You're bound to bring up memories. Younger cousins and nieces ask what Christmas (and lots of other stuff) was like for me growing up. And it always has something to do with food, LOL.

Is it because of the reminiscing last Christmas? Maybe. What also has got to do with my nostalgia lately is te fact that I turn 30 this month. An age where, I think, a lot of people just take a moment and reflect on their (future) accomplishments. On where to go from here. And maybe deep down the feeling of is this really what I thought of 'when I grow up I...'
This for me is currently all still blank as I continue to feel a bit nostalgic.

That's why this is my season of nostalgia the next couple of weeks. You might find a dish I loved to have growing up. Or maybe that sparks memories of someone of something or has potential to become part of my nostalgia. 

So welcome to my trip down (future) memory lane. Find an overview of related posts in the tag 'My season of nostalgia'.


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