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Okay, I have to be honest here. Despite wanting to blog for a while now (uhm no, years) I have to admit that maybe, possibly, I might have rushed this a little. I had a day off and was chillaxing on the couch when it hit me. A small voice in the back of my head: season. It’s about time my season started, you eat every season, with stuff from the season, season is also used for seasoning (lol).  Ping! Hello. This-needs-to-happen-now. And within the hour I was looking at and no clue what to do next. That’s just so me, doing stuff on impulse. Not. Ah well, it has led me to be able to finally do what I wanted: starting a food blog.

BUT, you also have to write a post in order for this to being a blog. I thought I would just start with an introduction and what I plan to do with this blog. Me first. My name is Eva van Heije (let’s not bother pronunciation) and I am 20-something years old and happily living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides my addiction to  Pinterest and Instagram I kind of have a soft spot for black clothing, cats and goldfish, dish ware, bedding, flowers and napkins. Oh, and I like to use butter when I cook (yeah I said it). I was raised and still am surrounded by a bunch of food lovers (oh well that explains):
Dad > learned to cook from his grandma, did 20 years of Pasar Malam (Dutch-Indonesian food festival), imported Italian coffee machines, had multiple restaurants and now his own deli. His mom would be in the kitchen for d-a-y-s conjuring up what we call a rice table, which is basically an at home food fest. My mom > her maman was a foodie avant la lettre who felt that it’s totally normal to cook dinner of at least three courses daily and appropriate wine pairing, mind you. She could literally cook everything. Mom remarried a chef. Bonus dad> hardcore chef who owns a culinary studio run by him and mom. Also happens to be businesspartner with my significant other. Significant other> caterer. Big sis > owns a foodstand. Oh yeah, we are all passionate ready-to-eat-meal haters.

And this is just my own family. With that many foodies around you are almost bound to do something food related too. But me, I want a different approach. Besides previously mentioned soft spots I also like photography and writing. So what’s better than setting up a food blog right? On this blog I plan to share recipes, lists and inspiration. But, it might be that I will sometimes review a bar or restaurant (who knows when you’ll be in Amsterdam) or post a picture of some flowers or something other totally random. Okay, time to hit the couch again with a huge stack of cookbooks for inspiration.

Stay tuned!


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