Want: cooking with dice

Don’t play with your food? HA! Think again!

No inspiration of seen to many recipes to care anymore, it happens to the best of us. But you don’t have to hopelessly stir in that bowl or blankly stare at the contents of your refrigerator. These dice encourage you to improvise en actually play with your food.

For times when you just don’t know anymore or when organizing a cook of with friends, you can roll the dice as much as you want. Because there are 186,000 (omg!) combo’s possible telling you how to cook e.g. grill, roast or stir fry and with which ingredients (like proteins, veggies, carbs and herbs.

There’s even a whole community around it using #inspiredbyFD on Insta to inspire and share your creations with. Fun right? I’m buying. They com in dinners, desserts, asian bowls or cocktails. So only thing left is deciding which one… Or should I roll on that too?

Source: foodiedice.com

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