Yay! Eveseason has turned 1 year

Wow, it has been almost 2 months since my last post and the BF and I came back from our vacation in Italy. The same post where I wrote that I would be posting more regularly. Oops.In the meantime the blog has been up and running for a year now and I’ve been so busy with my ‘normal’ work and jobs for Culinessa. Time for a recap.

One year ago I had so many doubts if I should do this whole blog thing. Do people actually care about reading what I like on IG and Pinterest, what’s on my wishlist or what I think is inspiring? Is it even ‘read worthy’ or should I just quit writing al together? But as it is with most things in life (and dreams), you won’t know it unless you’ve tried it. Well, I’ve tried and have learned so many thing by throwing myself in the deep end.

And I mean not only web and editing skills but also on a personal level and about you. For example I discovered that prickly pears aren’t my thing. You guys tend to have a sweet tooth, specially for pandan sponge cake. But you also like orange chicken. That’s right, those were the most read posts. Fun, no?Other personal highlight is guest blogging for Culinessa.com

Pandan cake recipe by eveseason Orange chicken bij eveseason.com


Because you should always strive to move forward I have set some goals for a second year of Eveseason. For year 2: more posts, more photography, maybe a site make over and more dining out. So I can tell you guys about it of course. An ideal business meets pleasure combo.

So on to the next one and thanks for keeping up with me <3

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